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Hello All,

DRAWS Has an on-board ADC to monitor the 12V supply. Sometime after the first run, 5V monitoring was added, but the config file wasn't updated so the sensors command doesn't work correctly.

the fix is to change /etc/sensors.d/draws as follows:

pi@K7UDR:/etc/sensors.d $ cat draws 

#DRAWS uses the TL024 Which is SW Compatible with thw ADS1015

#It's an 8 Channel ADC, but only 4 Channels are pinned out


chip "ads1015-*"

        label in4 "+12V"

label in5 "+5V"

label in6 "User ADC 1"

label in7 "User ADC 2"

compute in4 ((48.7/10)+1)*@, @/((48.7/10)+1)

        compute in5 ((10/10)+1)*@, @/((10/10)+1)


pi@K7UDR:/etc/sensors.d $ sensors


Adapter: ISA adapter

in0:              N/A  



Adapter: bcm2835 I2C adapter

+12V:        +13.52 V  

+5V:          +5.06 V  

User ADC 1:   +0.00 V  

User ADC 2:   +0.00 V  

To learn more about this, check out the man page for lm-sensors

Bryan K7UDR

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