Re: How susceptible is the DRAWS board to RFI? Metal Case required?

Charlie Hein

Thanks Bryan - I'm running a Pi 3 B+ and right now just idling and running off of the buck booster on the DRAWS board, the temperature on the Pi is holding steady at 56° C.

I have an email out to C4 Labs on the new design, waiting for a reply from them.  For now the Pi is sitting on the baseplate from its old case, which will work until I have to actually deploy the thing in the field.

Now I need to figure out the pin-outs on the connectors and build a cable to interface with my HT so I can test without tearing any of my existing setup down.  Is there a diagram posted somewhere for this?  Would save a lot of time.  If not, I'll post one once I figure out how to build a good working cable.


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