Re: OK, How about connecting to the FT-991A?

Andrew P.

In the Yaesu case, why do you need the DRAWS card (except possibly for GPS and power)?

Just use the one USB link to the radio. Linux has generic USB sound and serial port drivers that should work with the Yaesu plug-and play (plug-and-pray?). Plug it in and see if an additional sound card and /dev/ttyUSBn devices appear.

Andrew, KA2DDO

From: <> on behalf of Charlie Hein <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 3:01 PM
Subject: [draws and udrc] OK, How about connecting to the FT-991A?

Hi folks - I've been gently steered away from trying to connect the DRAWS to my HT, so I'm looking now at connecting it up to my Yaesu FT-991A. I could use some experienced advice.

I'm a bit confused because when I operate from my Windows Laptop I only use the USB cable and utilize the sound card built in to the 991A. For the DRAWS board it seems I'll need to connect to the data port on the radio, and that it should be a direct pin for pin fit to the data jack on the radio. Does anyone know if there are any settings that I'd need to change on the 991 in order to use its data port, and if so what they would be? I think that if this is going to be a big change I'd like to make sure my current configs for the 991A are backed up for later, so if you have experience with this I'd appreciate your counsel.

Also, I'd think I would still need the USB connection for CAT control if I wanted to use a program that calls for it like WSJT-X for instance, but wouldn't that also give me another sound card that I really don't need? Where do you get the proper drivers for the RPi for this? I only see Windows drivers on the Yaesu site.


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