Re: OK, How about connecting to the FT-991A?

Charlie Hein

Well Andrew, you might certainly make the case that I don't really need the DRAWS board at all for the 991A (although that's a really awful sales pitch to an owner of the radio I suppose, as an external USB GPS and a cheapie buck converter/regulator would be far less than the cost of the DRAWS board), but in this case I want very much to test the functionality of the ports that are are on the board and the ability of these ports to minimally control PTT and pass audio to the radio for packet radio. Ultimately I will very likely not be permanently setting up the 991A with the DRAWS workstation in this fashion, but for now my only other other option to get this up on the air and working for testing and software setup is to hook up to a hand held to test direct connection to the radio ports on the board, and I've been gently discouraged from trying this due to expected poor performance from the hand held.

Hope that makes sense.


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