Re: OK, How about connecting to the FT-991A?


I always recommend using a Radio’s internal sound card over any external interface.

On my home rig I have a TM-V71 and an Alinco 235 connected to DRAWS doing packet. I’m moving to the IC-7300 for HF via USB.

Bryan K7UDR

On Jul 28, 2020, at 1:33 PM, Charlie Hein <chein@...> wrote:

I've had the 991A for about two years now, really like the radio.  Frankly, the 991A was not top of mind for connecting to the Pi as I already have a battle-hardened digital setup in place for windows that I don't want to wreck (hence the need to back up configuration before experimenting with the DRAWS).  I have a separate existing packet setup that I'd like to turn into a more feature filled system (replacing the 20+ year old TNC with the DRAWS workstation). I need the Pi do do that because I don't want to pony up for another windows system to dedicate to that job when I already own the Pi.  Hence the DRAWS board.   I do *not in any way* want to tear that system down until the DRAWS workstation is fully configured and running in test bed (on the 991A since evidently my available HT's are not suitable), and so that's 99.999% of the reason I'm asking about hookup to the 991...

I tossed the extra wrinkle of the CAT connection into the mix just so I could try it out for fun (how well does it really work compared to my windows system???  hmmm...), but CAT functionality doesn't really fit into my more immediate plans.  I just like chasing thoughts down the rabbit hole.

Make more sense now?


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