Re: DRAWS not found

Basil Gunn

I am looking into your problem.
Could you please tell me if you have anything plugged into the USB
ports on your RPi 4.

Keating Floyd <> writes:

Included is the output from I was concerned that I had a problem with my image perhaps, but I own a second DRAWS, and it shows up just fine.

Thanks for a great product, and for your help.



root@pi4b4g01:/home/pi/n7nix/hfprogs# cat showudrc.sh_out
==== Sound Card ====
No udrc sound card found.
==== Pi Ver ====
Pi 4 Model B, Rev 1.1, 4GB mem, Mfg by Sony UK
Has WiFi
==== udrc Ver ====
Found a DRAWS

Name: hat
Product: Digital Radio Amateur Work Station
Product ID: 0x0004
Product ver: 0x0204

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