Re: RPi kernel upgrade problem

Paul Noa


As I am not running on an RPi I cannot use the NWDR image, I tried!  
I am running the standard Raspbian Buster download from on a BalenaFIN board.

I would like to know when the updated kernel is available. Where or what site should I monitor to know this info?

Question, the sensor data to which Anna refers  (and can be seen with the Draws Manager also), is that specific to the DRAWS Hat or the RPi on which it is running?

On BalenaFIN and maybe RPi as well I use this:
cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp   from the HostOS. 
Divide that number by 1000 (cpu_temp/1000) to get the CPU temp in C.

The FIN uses the CM3 Raspberry Compute Module on a carrier board, which I have positioned using standoffs to be on the metal case panel coupled with Heat sink paste.  I am getting on average 96 F with the above command. I was curious if the temp measurements in Draws Manager were on the Draws Hat or the RPi?

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