Re: Quick Q on interface cables...

Basil Gunn

have a couple of questions. First, are any blocking caps or other
components required for this interface,

or can I just wire straight to the mic connector?

Secondly, would it be a useful thing to wire out the discriminator
audio and standard audio pins on the DRAWS port to a SPDT switch to
make the same cable useful for 1200 and 9600 bps operation?
If you look at a mDin6 connector pin out and the ALSA controls you will
see you can control selection of discriminator (9600 baud) or audio
(1200 baud) out. You do NOT need an SPDT switch.

mDin 6 pin 4 is discriminator out
mDin6 pin 5 is audio out (premphasis/demphasis)
Note: some radios will tie these pins together.

ALSA controls
IN1 selects discriminator routing
IN2 selects audio ((premphasis/demphasis) routing

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