Re: AX25 Status Problem

Basil Gunn

Having the draws-manager error out will not affect ax.25/direwolf.
You probably should run and paste the console output of these commands: status
then: stop

This will give John more output to help him debug the draws-manager

I am more interested in if ax25-status came back OK or not in case the
draws-manager failure is a symptom of some other problem. Please cut &
paste the output of these commands:

aplay -l
uname -r
ax25-status -d

Jason Godwin (KG5TMP) <> writes:


I am completely new to DRAWS, and I've run into my first problem. I am
attempting to run this with a Yaesu FT-891, and I'm using all the supplied
cables. The USB cable is my own. Anyway, I'm at the part that says:

Open another console window to the pi and as user pi type:

ax25-status -d
After == failed & loaded but inactive units== you should see
0 loaded units listed.
This did not happen. Under that section, I see: " draws-manager.service
loaded failed failed DRAWS™ Manager - A web application to manage the DRAW™
HAT configuration." Which doesn't sound good. So if I do not get the "0
loaded units listed," what next? It almost sounds like there's some service
not running that should be running.

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