Re: Can't access Draws Manager

Basil Gunn

In a console do the following:

cd n7nix
git pull
cd hfprogs
./ -u

# then to verify

If you have problems I will need to see all the console output.

Todd via <> writes:

Hello Basil: Current versions.

pi@radiopi:~/n7nix/hfprogs $ ./
js8call: current version: 2.2.0-ga, installed: 1.0.0-rc3
wsjtx: current version: , installed: 2.0.1
Library: libflxmlrpc IS loaded.
flxmlrpc: current version: 0.1.4, installed: 0.1.4
fldigi: current version: 4.1.14, installed: 4.1.01
flrig: current version: 1.3.51, installed: 1.3.42
flmsg: current version: 4.0.16, installed: 4.0.8
flamp: current version: 2.2.05, installed: 2.2.04


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