Re: Can't access Draws Manager


Here it is Basil:

pi@radiopi:~ $ -s
===== Kernel version
Linux radiopi 4.14.98-v7+ #1200 SMP Tue Feb 12 20:27:48 GMT 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux
===== Draws assembly & fab revision
DRAWS version: 0x0405
===== Sensor config file
chip "ads1015-*"
    label in4 "+12V"
    label in6 "User ADC 1"
    label in7 "User ADC 2"
    compute in4 ((48.7/10)+1)*@, @/((48.7/10)+1)
    ignore in5
===== sensors output
No sensors found!
Make sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need.
Try sensors-detect to find out which these are.

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