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Ok, got emails to send using Paclink wl2ktelnet. I gave up with mutt and used Claws. My problem was not knowing the email sits in a outbox after composing. Could never get Mutt to send. Then your command to send with ax25 was very helpful. If there was a description of the sequence would have been helpful with the online procedures. This is the first time I've seen these anywhere. That link was right on the money what I needed. You should include that in the online configuring procedures. Explain how the emails sit in a outbox too.

Send via telnet

Send via ax.25 and radio
wl2ax25 -c <rmsgateway callsign>

Now, I just need to try and send with ax25 using the radio. I'm at work and will have to wait till tomorrow. Probably the last thing to try is Peer to Peer. Any helpful procedures written for that? Many thanks.


On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, 03:32:43 PM AKDT, Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

Todd via <> writes:

> I've got Direwolf recieving ok and I can send a ./btest -p message to
> the local packet station but still *can't* figure out how to connect
> to the Winlink RMS VHF hybrid station to send email via radio.

Reference links:

Compose winlink message with email client (mutt, claws-mail, rainloop)
Verify that message exists in outbox
ls -salt /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox

Send via telnet

Send via ax.25 and radio
wl2ax25 -c <rmsgateway callsign>

Send via SCS-PTC-IIpro modem
wl2kserial -c <rmsgateway callsign>

These are all console command line programs. There is also a browser
interface for paclink-unix

To get a list of RMS gateway call signs run <integer_distance_in_miles> <maidenhead_grid_square>
$ 35 cn88nl
Using distance of 35 miles & grid square CN88NL

  Callsign      Frequency  Distance    Baud
KF7FIT-10     223780000    0    1200
N7NIX-10      144910000    0    1200
K7KCA-10      440125000    3    1200
KE7KML-10     223780000    3    1200
AF4PM-10      145690000    4    1200
AE7LW-10      145050000    16    1200
AE7LW-11      440950000    16    1200
KD7X-10      145630000    16    1200
KD7X-11      145630000    16    1200
KI7ULA-10     145050000    16    1200
W7UMX-10      145630000    16    1200
W0QJM-10      145630000    19    1200
WA7GJZ-10     145630000    19    1200
WA7GJZ-10     145630000    19    1200
VE7SEP-10     145690000    23    1200
K6MBY          7103000    26    600
K6MBY-10      145690000    26    1200
NG2G-10      144990000    26    1200
KG7MYX-10     145630000    27    1200
N7FDM-10      145050000    27    1200
N7FDM-10      146438000    27    1200
KB7TEC-10     144990000    28    1200
W7ECG-10      144930000    28    1200
VE7VIC-10     145690000    31    1200
KC7OAS-10     144950000    33    1200
KG7WFV-10     145630000    35    1200
VE7SPR-10     144970000    35    1200
W7BPD-10      145630000    35    1200

> I'm wanting to send via radio and not telnet. I gave up on Mutt terminal
> and have Claws GUI working now too, although no configured correctly.

For claws-mail & rainloop you MUST follow the setup instructions exactly as written.

> In the past using the windows desktop I used Winlink Express
> packet. No idea how to send a packet email via radio to the gateway station. I've
> also gps position info on APRS now. If I can just figure out how to send
> email packet to the VHF RMS station I'll be good.

> Pretty confusing setup.

So what would you change to make it better?

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