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Kevin K. - N7KJK

Not sure this is what you're looking for.   I've created something here for my two DRAWS implementations. 
One is a PI 3 running an RMS Gateway.  The other is a PI 4 that I am going to use for APRS tracking and beacon. 

The image is kind of at a weird angle because I wanted to show the DRAWS connections, the PI 4 connections, and one of the FANs..  (yes dual fan.. spared no expense. :)

I purchase two of the stacked acrylic PI case kits for each project  (about $15 each with fan, no power supply). 
I added a separator to the GPIO so that the DRAWs stands away from the PI but almost a full inch.  This allows me to put all the heat syncs on the PI.  Put a fan just above the PI,  connect the DRAWS and put a second fan above it (visible in the picture).   It takes some patients, and a little skill with a dremel tool. I just customized the layers of the second case as I assembled it to accommodate the DRAWS.  Then I go buy some longer screws to bolt it all together.  The modifications, and various openings in the layers allow for sufficient air flow.

I also made a watch battery replacement connector out of a thumb tack, and washer, so that I could set up a  pair of AAA batteries to the DRAWS clock (I didn't want to risk soldering on the DRAWS).
Both systems seem to be working just fine.   I connect the two fans to the 5 V offered on Pins 1 and 8 on that connector next to the power input.  NOTE:   I'm using two .10 amp fans to stay under the limit of the 5 v power which is .25  (250mA).

Hope this gives you something to consider.


On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 11:24 AM Tim Huffaker <thuffaker@...> wrote:

I want to move to the RPi4 for its much better Bluetooth operations along with more memory. The heat is a real problem that is worse in outdoor operation and in go boxes. A temperature controlled fan with heatsyncs will allow it to work. The question is how to let this work with the draws board?  

I hope we can find a solution. 


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