Baofeng UV-5R PTT won't turn off?

Andrew Malota

Howdy All -
I'm having a bit of trouble getting a cheap chinese handy to play nice with the DRAWS hat. (I understand that these types of teething pains are why they are avoided by most, but hey, I already had the radio...)

I am using a cable from Ham Made Parts. -l on results in LED on DRAWS on, the HT starting to transmit -l off results in LED on DRAWS off, but does NOT unkey the radio - it continues to transmit

pin 1 and 4 on the ps2 connector appear to be the sleeves for the large and small TRS connectors going into the HT

with the radio connected and PTT engaged, i see 3-ish volts on pin 1. the 3-ish volts remains when I turn PTT off until I unplug or power-cycle the radio.

Has anyone else hit this? Is it as simple as a pulldown between pin 1 and ground?


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