Re: Baofeng UV-5R PTT won't turn off?


Biggest problem with using an HT is RF feedback into the pi from the cable which causes exactly the symptoms you are seeing. This is not unique to the Baofeng radio, but seems to be worse there.

You will likely need to use a good choke on the cable close to the pi or a remote antenna (best option) to get this to really work.

Thanks and 73,
-Corky, AF4PM

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020, at 7:30 AM, Andrew Malota wrote:
Howdy All -
I'm having a bit of trouble getting a cheap chinese handy to play nice with the DRAWS hat. (I understand that these types of teething pains are why they are avoided by most, but hey, I already had the radio...)

I am using a cable from Ham Made Parts. -l on results in LED on DRAWS on, the HT starting to transmit -l off results in LED on DRAWS off, but does NOT unkey the radio - it continues to transmit

pin 1 and 4 on the ps2 connector appear to be the sleeves for the large and small TRS connectors going into the HT

with the radio connected and PTT engaged, i see 3-ish volts on pin 1. the 3-ish volts remains when I turn PTT off until I unplug or power-cycle the radio.

Has anyone else hit this? Is it as simple as a pulldown between pin 1 and ground?


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