Re: DRAWS - not able to receive APRS #aprs #direwolf #ax25

Mark J Culross

Basil (n7nix):

Thanks for your most recent post.  I am in a training class all week so I won't be able to get back to tinkering with my DRAWS until this weekend, but I'll definitely try to duplicate your setup.

As a side note, I have used my IC-7000 successfully for PSK31 (a loooong time ago, using a BUXCOMM RASCAL i/f), but I don't remember if that was thru the miniDIN6 or ACC port.  If I have a 13-pin ACC cable, it's probably buried in some unmarked box somewhere with my RASCAL i/f !!

Not wanting to be the victim of any ASSumptions, I did try my second miniDIN6 cable (I ordered two with my DRAWS board), but still no difference.  Unfortunately, the IC-7000 is my only VHF/UHF radio with miniDIN6, so I have only the one set of hardware (radio, DRAWS, 2 miniDIN6 cables) to test with.

On the TX side, I noted in an earlier message that I initiated a test position message transmission (using btest to verify PTT functionality) & I was able to confirm externally with my SDR that the DRAWS is putting out modulated data.  I have not done any "tuning" of this TX data (levels, etc.), as I want to concentrate strictly on verifying the RX path first !!  Correct me if I am mistaken in thinking that the RX & TX paths are independent.

I'll forward the result of running "" when I get back to it this weekend.

One question:  in your description, you mention using nwdr17.  I've been starting with current_image.img.xz.  Is there any difference ??  Maybe I should try nwdr17.img.xz instead ??

Thanks again for your assistance !!

Mark J Culross

On Monday, September 14, 2020, 10:58:24 AM CDT, Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

> Tomorrow I will try to replicate from a fresh install.

Just finished a fresh install of nwdr17.

Using the default ALSA settings, did not run any setalsa- script (ADC
Level L:[0.00dB]), I was able to receive APRS packets on 2M using the
mDin6 cable to the IC-706.

I know it is a big assumption that the ic-706 & ic-7000 operate with
digital modes in a similar way but they both have a 13 pin ACC port & a
mDin6 Data port both of which work with DRAWS using an appropriate
cable. Do you have a cable that plugs into the ACC port?

Which version of DRAWS hat & RPi are you running?
Could you please send me the output of


Product ID:  0x0004
Product ver: 0x0108

Pi 4 Model B, Rev 1.1, 4GB mem, Mfg by Sony UK with WiFi

I think we should focus on the cable you are using and DRAWS hardware.
Do you have another vhf/uhf radio with a mini Din6 connector?
Could you please run the script to verify you can
hear a tone in another radio.

Basil Gunn <basil@...> writes:

> I just did a verification using 2M (144.390) APRS on my IC-706MkIIG.
> I used both the 13 pin Aux socket & 6 pin miniDin socket connected to
> the left mDin6 connector on the DRAWS hat.
> I was able to receive APRS packets on both sockets.
> direwolf was reporting that the receive signal was a little hot so I
> dialed ADC Level down to 0.0dB
> Make sure squelch is off.
> This is my DRAWS hat version
> $
> Found a DRAWS
> Name:        hat
> Product:    Digital Radio Amateur Work Station
> Product ID:  0x0004
> Product ver: 0x0108
> UUID:        ca33c9d0-765a-434b-870a-0dbebedf01f4
> Vendor:      NW Digital Radio
> Tomorrow I will try to replicate from a fresh install.
> Basil Gunn <basil@...> writes:
>> Mark J Culross <mjculross@...> writes:
>>>  Basil (n7nix):
>>> Thanks for your advice. I believe that I understand all of your
>>> instructions & have executed them as directed, but APRS RX is still
>>> not working.
>> In a console run this command:
>> tail -f /var/log/direwolf/direwolf.log
>> In another window run alsamixer for the udrc sound device
>> Increase the ADC level control until you see packets arriving in
>> direwolf.log
>> If you are NOT able to see packets in the direwolf log file then confirm
>> that BOTH your radio & DRAWS hat are using pin 5 (AF) of the mDin6 connector,
>> ie. 1200 baud receive.
>> To confirm the DRAWS hat config assuming you are using the left mDin6
>> connector run ''. You should see:
>> IN1 L:[Off]
>> IN2 L:[10 kOhms]
>>>I did find that I could make quicker modifications of the
>>>connections/resistors using the DRAWS Manager selection for the desired
>>>audio pin . . . does that have the same effect as the changes you
>>>described & is it OK to use the DRAWS Manager to switch between
>>>resistors connected to IN1_L & IN2_L ??
>> As long as you confirm changes with
>>> As Corky suggested, I tested the receive path using fldigi (after
>>> stopping AX25/direwolf) & BTW, I also had to manually install libjpeg
>>> for fldigi to work,
>> libjpeg is installed on the image. If you ever run 'sudo apt autoremove'
>> it will be removed and you will have to reinstall it.
>>> even though I am using the latest image (I found your reply with
>>> instructions elsewhere on the forum). Using the waterfall display in
>>> fldigi (with the radio still on 144.390), I did confirm that audio is
>>> present on both pins (4/DISC & 5/AF) from the IC-7000 in VHF/FM
>>> mode. Using either pin (4/5), I see the waterfall change whenever I
>>> hear a packet on the radio & the waterfall goes completely blank as
>>> expected when I select "OFF" for the left side DIN6 audio pin (udr0).
>>> As I mentioned to Corky, I have not yet done anything with the
>>> transmit path, other than cause a test position message to be sent to
>>> verify PTT functionality. For now, I'm just concentrating on trying to
>>> get RX of APRS to work, since I really thought that would be the easy
>>> case !!
>> It should be easy. But each radio needs to be configured and the ALSA
>> settings need to match and that, I think, is where your problem lies.
>> You also might change your DAC Playback PT back to default.
>> DAC Playback PT    L:[P3]        R:[P3]
>> Make sure the radio receive preamp is turned off.
>> P.AMP/ATT button to left of screen
>>> Mark J CulrossKD5RXT
>>>    On Sunday, September 13, 2020, 2:08:08 PM CDT, Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:
>>> First thanks for all the console output.
>>>> The radio (IC-7000) is attached to the left side DIN6 connector
>>>> (udr0). I also ran the "" setup script.
>>> This could be your problem since that script tries to set up deviation
>>> for the HF radio. You need to set deviation for the VHF/UHF radio in the
>>> IC-7000. I would turn off discriminator receiver routing and turn on
>>> compensated audio. I am not sure if the IC-7000 radio supports
>>> discriminator out for vhf.
>>> This is what you currently have, set by the setalsa script.
>>> IN1  L:[10 kOhm] R:[10 kOhm]
>>> IN2  L:[Off]  R:[Off]
>>> You want to flip these controls for Left channel manually. ie. turn off
>>> IN1 & have 10 kOhm for IN2.
>>> Run alsamixer from a console
>>> press F6, select sound card
>>>  - select udrc
>>> scroll to the right until you find:
>>> IN1_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor [10 kOhm]
>>>  - turn that off by typing <down-arrow>
>>> Continue scrolling to the right until you find:
>>> IN2_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor [10 kOhm]
>>>  - turn that ON by typing <up-arrow> once only
>>> exit to save new settings
>>> Be aware that there are both positive & negative resister controls ie.
>>>  IN1_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor [Off]
>>>  IN1_L to Right Mixer Negative Resistor [Off]
>>> You only want to set Left Mixer Positive Resistor control.
>>> Verify by running
>>> You need to confirm your deviation.
>>> Go to this link
>>> This will lead you through how to output a steady audio tone that you will
>>> monitor with an HT or some other radio in your shack.
>>> Be sure to read the John Ackermann N8UR link.
>>> /Basil n7nix

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