Re: Setup split-channels #hfmodes #ax25

Basil Gunn

What 2 radios will you be using?
I will write a script so that you can easily set the ALSA controls for
both radios.

There are two ways to approach setting up split channel operation. I
recommend reading both files.

1. Manual
Look at this repository & follow instructions

2. N7NIX repository script: Use the n7nix/splitchan repository script to install & control split channel configuration. This
script sets up left channel as AX.25/direwolf channel & right channel
for HF, which is opposite of Manual approach.

I haven't used a split channel configuration for a while so I will
verify the setup sometime today.

/Basil n7nix

Todd via <> writes:

I'd like to setup split-channels for both Direwolf/ax25 and HF programs. Is there a easy way to accomplish that?

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