HamPi 1.1 (September 2020) Released!


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Date: Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 10:22 AM
Subject: HamPi 1.1 (September 2020) Released!
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Attention All Hams Using Raspberry Pi For Ham Radio:

I am pleased to announce that HamPi 1.1 is now available for public download!

Please use the attached BitTorrent file to make it easier for everyone to get the image. And after you have completed downloading, please continue to seed for at least a week so other hams can benefit.

If you cannot or will not use BitTorrent, you may download HamPi from SourceForge:

If you run into issues, please post to the forum on https://groups.io/g/Ham-Pi/ first. If you see a bug (defect), please report it on the GitHub issues page at: https://github.com/dslotter/HamPi/issues

UPGRADING: In order to transition smoothly from HamPi 1.0 to HamPi 1.1 and preserve your configuration settings, please follow the instructions in the attached file, "UPGRADING_FROM_PRIOR_VERSION.TXT"


Version 1.1 (September 2020) Release

Updated WSJT-X
Updated JTDX
Updated GridTracker
Added HamClock by WB0OEW
Added adifmerg command line utility
Added Lopora (QRSS viewer)
Minor fixes with SDRAngel installation
Fixed BlueDV not launching from menu as expected
Fixed FreeDV not launching from menu as expected
Updated DireWolf installation as DW and GPSd are both "moving targets"
Enhanced error message display for D-Rats software update failures
Added exclusion for EMComm / Field users in license
Partially added AMBEserver
Many other applications updated from Internet

Good luck and 73!

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John D. Hays


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