Re: OpenRepeater running witH DRAWS hat #udrc

Basil Gunn

Please follow Ken's advice on OpenRepeater.

Use aplay -l to determine if your DRAWS device /boot/config.txt entry is
working. To verify your entry you need to see a line similar to the one
below from the aplay command:
card x: udrc [udrc], device 0: bcm2835-i2s-tlv320aic32x4-hifi tlv320aic32x4-hifi-0 []

There are some notes here on making a Raspberry Pi OS image enumerate a
DRAWS device:

and as I mentioned before if you have problems getting this to work just use
the NWDR image with instructions for provisioning your SD card here:

Ken Koster <> writes:

On Sunday, October 4, 2020 4:08:47 PM PDT wrote:
First of all thank you Basil for the quick response. The svxlink.conf file
was there, but empty. I added the sections above, rebooted, but the udrc
port did not show up. I typed the aplay -l command and comes back with "no
soundcards found". So still not able to get the audio device recognized.
The svxlink.conf file may indeed be legitimately empty. OpenRepeater uses it's
own method and from what I understand will ignore what's there.

I would guess that the real problem is the lack of an alsa udrc sound device.
Fix that as Basil suggests in his other email and I suspect the OpenRepeater
web interface will find the udrc and let you select it.

I can't say for sure because I use the stock SVXLink but I'd be surprised if
OpenRepeater can't handle it.


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