Re: OpenRepeater running witH DRAWS hat #udrc


Thanks for the tips.  That is actually where I started.  I did a fresh draws image.  aplay -l showed udrc as a sound device.  Then I ran the OpenRepeater install script.  It installed with no errors.   Then rebooted.   I boots to the raspberry login GUI, and when I login it reverts back to the login GUI.  But OpenRepeater runs a server with an html interface.  So ran that, but udrc was still not available. I assume the OpenRepeater load script overwrote several things.  I am sure one could edit the install script to just load the essentials, but am not proficient in the Linux file system.    I think the DRAWS hat would be a great hardware solution for OpenRepeater and provides a lower cost alternative to some of the other radio interface hats.  

I will continue to experiment and see what I can learn.  
Thanks again for the comments!

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