Re: Can't access Draws Manager

Basil Gunn

I won't discourage someone from installing the latest version of some
tool but a lot of time has gone into making sure that what is on the
image actually works. I don't have time to support anything other than
what is on the image. Perhaps someone else on the forum can help.

To be clear many/most of the HAM apps on the image are the latest
version and there are scripts on the image to keep them that way.
I used to use the latest version of nodejs, been down that road and
currently don't want or need to do that.

You should confirm that your image started out as NWDR18:

head -n1 /var/log/udr_install.log

2020 12 04 13:45:55 PST: SD image version: nwdr18


aplay -l

Did you follow the getting started guide?

Tim Huffaker <> writes:

I thought this was V18 Draws image. I did not program the SD card a buddy did sine my computer crashed and the new one wont get here until Jan 4.

pi@KM4ESU:~ $ nodejs --version
pi@KM4ESU:~ $ npm --version
pi@KM4ESU:~ $


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