New to DRAWS - what order to troubleshoot installation/setup? #draws #gps #ft817 #ft-817 #draws-manager


I bought the DRAWS hat in the summer with the intent of using an FT817 for digital on a pi4 B.

I gave up then after getting gps to work, but never getting radio control.

I recently revisited for the holidays - installed fresh image ( current_image ) and tried again. Following the wiki:

on the "Third Boot" stage , it states:

"You must set your ALSA configuration for your particular radio at this time" - with no instruction on what that means or how to do it.  

I followed a video online and got "" to show different values, I assume for the FT817. 

Need help with: 

Do  need the radio connect with control cable and powered up during any of the DRAWS set-up?

I can't figure out if I am supposed to try to get draws_manager to run or not. I had it running in the past, but can't get it to run now and I read it is not compatible with current sensor files.
 So, do I need it? Are there ways to change the same values without the web interface (always fails to connect and went through other troubleshooting posted here, gave up).

Do I need GPS working up-front?  I can run gpsd, and it is listed as active an running, but no longitude or latitude shows up. I suspect DRAWS doesn't see the antenna.

Do I focus on getting draws_manager to run or get the gps to report data?

Maybe someone can point me to a step-by-step walk through, but I haven't found one. 

I appreciate any help. 

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