Re: New to DRAWS - what order to troubleshoot installation/setup? #draws #gps #ft817 #ft-817 #draws-manager


Thanks Basil.

HF to begin, I am new to digital modes and have worked with Windows and my IC-7300. In reality using on an FT818, but should be the same settings as 817 to start. I figured I can adjust settings for AZ25 once I get going.

I already ran through the "fix" for the new image version, which states the draws-manager web app is disabled:

I see from your post, there are other options to set the ALSA, I used the ft817 script and the values changed; I assume to some that another person used for their rig.

Tuning the FM for VHF/UHF can be done if I get that far. As of now, chrony isn't using the GPS for time (shows #? instead of #*). I thought that would be set up in the image already.

I am on separate PC responding, so I abbreviated some of the outputs to reduce typing.

Following the check GPS link you provided:

To clarify what I meant by it "running"

systemctl status chronyd returns: active(running), but no indication of a GPS as a selected source.

gpsmon show data scrolling at bottom, but no latitude/longitude/speed/altitude values (all zero)

Antenna has a clear view of sky.

cgps show no values in the boxed area, lots of "n/a"

underneath, this refreshes every second:

{"class":"TPV","device"":"/dev/ttySC0","mode":1,"time":"changes-everysecond", "ept":0.005}

running chronyc sourcestats give:

GPS 0 0 0 +0.0000 2000.000 +0ns 4000ms
PPT is same
then several web sources listed.

Maybe the chrony not set up to take PPT?

chronyc tracking shows a web server for the Reference ID

I am going to run through the complete installation again, using the ft817 script.

For "Third Boot" on the walk-through it may be helpful to edit the statement "You must set your ALSA configuration for your particular radio at this time" with instruction on how to do that, which seems to be either with draws-manager, or with alsamixer, or by running a script.

Thanks again for your help. I think if folks have experience setting up Pis to run digital modes without the DRAWS hat, a lot of the tools are already understood.


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