Re: New to DRAWS - what order to troubleshoot installation/setup? #draws #gps #ft817 #ft-817 #draws-manager

Basil Gunn

I already ran through the "fix" for the new image version, which
states the draws-manager web app is disabled:
That is an old post and is no longer relevant as the DRAWS sensor
overlay has been fixed in the latest Linux kernels since last August.

The following post describes what you need to do to get draws-manager
running with the latest NWDR18 image.

As of now, chrony isn't using the GPS for time (shows #? instead of
#*). I thought that would be set up in the image already.
Chrony has been working with the DRAWS GPS for a long time.
It can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to get a satellite fix.

Do you have a CR1220 battery installed?

I am on separate PC responding, so I abbreviated some of the outputs
to reduce typing.
Learn how to ssh to your RPi and cut & paste into an email or forum post.

systemctl status chronyd returns: active(running), but no indication
of a GPS as a selected source.
What version of DRAWS do you have?
Need the output of:

gpsmon show data scrolling at bottom, but no
latitude/longitude/speed/altitude values (all zero)
You do NOT have satellite fix yet.

Maybe the chrony not set up to take PPT?
chrony, gpsd and the DRAWS gps ARE setup properly on the NWDR images.

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