Re: New to DRAWS - what order to troubleshoot installation/setup? #draws #gps #ft817 #ft-817 #draws-manager

Basil Gunn

Much progress.
Great to hear. (in /bin or /n7nx/bin, same result):
Name: hat
Product: Digital Radio Amateur Work Station
Product ID: 0x0004
Product ver: 0x0108
UUID: 07ca235a-b510-43c0-8ec5-86e5b78e646f
Vendor: NW Digital Radio

You have the current latest version of DRAWS hat.

systemctl status chronyd:
Instead of using systemctl try using this script for a more complete
look at gpsd/chrony status.

cd n7nix/gps

gpsmon now shows data! Yaaay!
I was able to start ax25 and see a direwolf PID.

tail -f /var/log/direwolf/direwolf.log gave:
Indicates you are not receiving any packets.
Assuming you tuned your radio to the APRS 2M frequency 144.390 you
should be seeing plenty of received packets.

Check squelch setting on radio and you may have a SQL/COS problem and
you will have to remove pin 6 from your mDin6 connector.

Read the first part from this link:

Using ./ -P udr0 I can get the radio to switch to transmit and
hear the signal on a hand-held (on 144.39), but no raw packet shows on am not too worried about that right now. Enough for one day.
Check deviation config, and distance to a working APRS gateway.

Also AX.25 tends to eat the first 2 transmitted packets after a
reset. It thinks they are TNC control packets. So always send 3 packets
after a power-on or ax25-restart.

*** Running as user: pi ***
Send a message beacon
Sent: /usr/local/sbin/beacon -c W4NKS-11 -d 'APUDR1 via WIDE1-1' -l -s udr0 :W4NKS :20 15:46:38 EST W4NKS mesg_beacon test from host drawspi on port udr0 Seq: 0

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