Re: setalsa for Yaesu FT-8900? #ax25 #ft-8900

Basil Gunn

Has there been any progress with getting the FT-8900R to work with the
DRAWS hat on 2m/70cm.
Hi Brian,

Searching the forum I see Tom KE5ICX has his FT-8900 working with a
DRAWS in 03/2019.

If you are having problems I recommend using the
script in n7nix/deviation directory to output a tone that you can verify
with another radio like your HT. This will allow you to set your ALSA
settings and give you confidence that that PTT is working as well.

Be aware that on some Yaesu radios (FT-817/857/897) the COS/SQL pin
(pin 6 on mDin6 cable) should be disconnected to get receive audio
working. Also verify the ALSA control ADCFGA left & right is turned off.


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