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Basil Gunn


Placing A Hold On Kernel Upgrade
* FOR REFERENCE ONLY, the current Linux kernel is safe to use with
You do NOT need to place a hold on kernel upgrade. That procedure was to
fix a problem that affected the DRAWS overlay last summer.

I will take this reference out of the 'Getting Started Guide' later on
today because that section was "For reference only, the current Linux
kernel is safe to use with DRAWS"

The drivers in the current kernel, 5.4.79-v7l+ #1373, works fine with DRAWS. writes:

Hi team,
I've been having issues with the Draws hat and it is installed on a Pi4. I first tried getting it to work on KM4ACKs Build-a-Pi (Ham experimentation right?). Then I formatted my sd card and followed the getting started guide for image nwdr18.img.xz ( ) 2020-Dec-05 08:36:33 1.8G and got as far as the fldigi configuration. ax.25/direwolf appeared to work and sent/received appropriately. fldigi keys the radio (yaesu FT-100d attached currently to 1 watt to dummy load) but it appears my cat cable is not reading or setting the radio frequency so I also tried fiddling with flrig to no avail. I stopped here. Reading further:

* For reference only, the current Linux kernel is safe to use with DRAWS

To verify your current kernel version

uname - r

You should see: 4.19.118-v7l+


If you see : 5.4.51-v7l+ then your DRAWS hat will have problems

* The driver for the TI ads1015 chip is missing in this kernel.

To revert your kernel back to 4.19.118 run the following (courtesy of Thomas KF7RSF):

sudo rpi - upgrade e1050e94821a70b2e4c72b318d6c6c968552e9a2


Do NOT use the following commands:

* apt-get dist-upgrade
* apt full-upgrade

What I saw was not kernel 4.19....
and n7nix's verify_config guide 'sensors' fails to show
so I try


* sudo rpi - upgrade e1050e94821a70b2e4c72b318d6c6c968552e9a2

and get sudo: rpi-upgrade: command not found

I formatted (again) and haven't connected to network or configured anything.
First check of uname -r gives me 5.4.79-v7l+

Help, please and thank you!
Eric Williams de KF4YEP

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