Re: HDMI issue with Draws

Basil Gunn

Trying to understand your question.

You have a 7" screen attached to RPi DSI port and another monitor
attached to the HDMI port & they do not work together. If you remove
power to the device on the DSI port then the HDMI device works.
Both screens work with the HamPi image.

Is this a correct statement of the problem?

Send me the /boot/config.txt file from your HamPi image and your NWDR
Which NWDR image are you using?
Show me the console output of:
head -n1 /var/log/udr_install.log

kc8fws <Michael_MSN@MSN.COM> writes:

Hi All,

I have a bit of an issue a cant seem to solve. Im running the DRAWS on
a Pi 4 8gig. Everything seems to be working as expected so far. (Have
YACC up and running, maps imported and receiving as expected from an
FT-817nd). I have the unit mounted in a SmartiPI case with the 7”
touch screen. My issue is that if I provide power to the touch screen
I get no output to either HDMI port. Port 1 does briefly show boot
text upon startup for less than a second then goes to the rainbow
screen. Then the 7” is loaded as the only monitor. If I pull power
from the 7” touchscreen the HDMI ports work fine. Just not in
conjunction. I have made all the recommended HDMI modifications to
config.txt to no avail. I have verified the set up works with my HamPi
build perfectly. I even booted without the draws hat installed and the
issue remains. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I don’t believe
it to be a power supply issue as I have a 5 amp PS and also tried with
powering the 7in from a separate PS than the one powering the PI. I
have not tried powering through the Draws onboard 12V but as I said
the same issue remains even without the DRAWS installed. This is using
the NW Digital Draws build….

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