Re: Audio setup problem with Raspberry PI and DRAWS hat. #audio #ft-817 #wsjt-x #drawsmanager #draws-manager


Hi Basil,
Here is what I did so far:
1. I downloaded the file HamPi_v1.2a.img.xz on 1/21 
2. I extracted it and got a folder with the file HamPi_v1.2a.img
3. I formatted a brand new 64 GB Micro SD with SDCardFormatter5
4. I burned the image to the micro SD with balenaEtcher
5. I plugged the MicroSD into a 4GB RaspBerry P4 that has the DRAWS hat installed with a 6-pin cable to the FT-818. Pin 6 is open. There is also a CAT cable between the RaspBerry USB and the FT-818
6. I booted up the RaspBerry. A screen with the HamPi by W3DJS picture appeared and the pull-down menu shows  the item Hamradio with all the programs.
7. I opened the document Activating your DRAWS and followed the instructions.
8. I re-booted the RaspBerry 
9. I followed instructions from the web to run the DRAWS-Manager web app and set both channels to the recommended values for the pin 5 data and saved the settings.
10. I ran the FlRig program that comes with the image and set up the Rig as FT-857D and the proper serial interface settings and CAT-PTT. It connected correctly.
11. I ran the FlDigi program, set the mode to PSK31. I do not see any noise at all. I am very familiar with FlDigi and several modes, since I used it for years.
12. I checked the pin 5 of the cable and see audio signal from the receiver.
13. I click on Tune in FlDigi. The transmitter gets active on the FT-818, but with no output power. Pin 1 of the cable has no useful signal.

There is where I am now.
1. Is it the proper NWDR image I use? Is there another one you suggest?
2. Should the steps I used above lead to a correct installation? Did I miss something?
3. If you want you can remote zoom into my Windows 10 computer that has a VNC client connected to the RaspBerry.

I was under the impression that I run the proper NWDR image so far, and I would really appreciate your help.
73 de Jakob

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