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Jack Spitznagel


I just finished bringing  a newer DRAWS hats back online on a Pi4B. At the moment it is driving an FT817, but will move to an IC-7000 when I move it back into the rig stack here.

My only recommendation is to use the heat sinks on the Pi and to use a riser to give the Pi4 space to cool. I have included 2 pictures that show the 1) whole unit running direwolf/XASTIR/HamClock and 2) close up showing the fan frame I used for the hardware. As shown the fan is in between the hat and the Pi4. The temperature stays around 38 to 39C in this configuration, but will rise to >45C quickly without the fan. Call nme paranoid about thermal problems, but I have had problems with Pi4's running too hot.

Use the NWDR Draws version 18 image and just follow the instructions on the group here in the Wiki. Basil's instructions must be read carefully and followed to a "T", but they are good. The install was straight forward here as I have done it a number of times, but should be straight forward if you read carefully.

This I added HamClock after the installation was running well - it has to be compiled from the GitHub source: see for more info. Running HamClock does not seem to slow anything down, it just has one "hmmm" described below.

The only abnormality I have found is that the DRAWS Manager "wont answer" a call from another computer on the same network when HamClock has been running a while. I suspect a port 8080 issue but have not been able to dig into the software to discover why (no time). Interestingly, I can bring up the DRAWS manager from the remote computer 
right after the DRAWS system has been started with XASTIR and HamClock running... so it is an odd finding and probably will be above my competence level to dig out why.

Have fun, these little beasts are great.
Jack - KD4IZ

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