Re: Current Image - data error #image

Basil Gunn

What method/program/browser are you using to download the file?
Perhaps others who are using Windows can recommend what they have
successfully used.

I just used wget in a Linux console to download & verify the

You can get wget for Windows 10 from here:

Since you displayed them in your post here are the sha256 sums
for nwdr19.img & nwdr19.img.xz.

I would focus on getting proper check sums with the xz compressed file

md5sum nwdr19.img.xz
74343a95dc6614c256b7e36d7d76518e nwdr19.img.xz

sha256sum nwdr19.img.xz
9c4d555c6315cfd480e934ae3d9023aa2c81cc681fad865673cac8c037d45417 nwdr19.img.xz

md5sum nwdr19.img
a4f33bbde2ca5c0e7bea95ab410822d3 nwdr19.img

sha256sum nwdr19.img
5b2eec569f6f3d1fce74d4eabca2682660bdbce0b3e27aca4e45744282df3fef nwdr19.img

Dave Phelps <> writes:

md5 check sum does not match. I've downloaded several times.

PS C:\Users\Irem\Downloads\DRAWS> get-filehash -Algorithm MD5 nwdr19.img.xz

Algorithm Hash Path
--------- ---- ----
MD5 C83DA4E8C2C5834431F5B7A70B217D79 C:\Users\Irem\Downloads\DRAWS...

Download again...
PS C:\Users\Irem\Downloads\DRAWS> get-filehash -Algorithm MD5 nwdr19.img.xz

Algorithm Hash Path
--------- ---- ----
MD5 7D81BD675AC551AE23C683E0724FCC6D C:\Users\Irem\Downloads\DRAWS...

Name: nwdr19.img.xz
Size: 1985647044 bytes (1893 MiB)
CRC64: 1F88F0A3CC20950D
SHA256: AA387F3DEB98B479BFCB6E5D8835005576912ABDB4B7458E3A363D259A289580
SHA1: 7DEB42A8CB41AC0419624018CABFE4BB767C9CE1
BLAKE2sp: CF69AAF0D1A8B1C99EAA9E71B7E9926654BF83D703312F9DB6EE4268D64B825F

So I guess even though the bytes match I'm not getting the same md5 as you, or even the same md5 per download.

And here's the extracted checksum info. Definitely doing something wrong here.
Name: nwdr19.img
Size: 176160768 bytes (168 MiB)
CRC32: 07D0599B
CRC64: 12C7209035916FB8
SHA256: D9F88ACA324DDD0B61B165213F225F915D91C72F0D3939536FE5D522CF76045E
SHA1: DDB1A3A2237FF53742E3C2F88E740972F4583C51
BLAKE2sp: BDCD7831364CDA293AD1534ED729A1C5DDDD0B9C17E1828049EAFCDB59CC99C3

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