Re: Yahboom Fan Hat

Jack Spitznagel

Hi Jon,


Looking at the device specs online, I have two immediate concerns:


#1 the vertical height and fan clearance may give you a dimensional issue,

#2 the fan will not run at all unless activated by the software.


Before going that way, I would want to know that the software that they provide will not interfere with the function of the DRAWS board.


BTW I have 2 DRAWS units.

# 1 is a current release version mounted on a RPi4 and in the NW Digital Radio case. I do need a fan with it. I found a pair on Amazon that fit the case. The CPU temp now runs acceptably cool. I was getting a thermal warning before I installed the fan.

# 2 is an “early experience” unit mounted on an RPi3B and in the “early experience” case. I mounted the other fan on it because I had it… 😊 It runs only Direwolf and XASTIR and tend to run


Link to the pair of cheap quiet fans:


#1 (on Pi4) looks like this:


Nice unit that performs very well. I run Direwolf, XASTIR, and the “Ham Clock” software simultaneously and drive a 25” HDMI monitor with it. It tends to run about 55C/132F in that configuration with the fan. It was throwing the heat warning without the fan.


Jack Spitznagel – KD4IZ





From: <> On Behalf Of Jon D
Sent: Thursday, March 4, 2021 18:49
Subject: [draws and udrc] Yahboom Fan Hat


Hello group. Has anyone used the Yahboom Fan Hat with the DAWS Hat?



Just checking before I buy a Draws Hat.

Have fun,

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