Re: Gpio ptt #wsjt #ptt #flrig

Rob Paddock

Cheers guys.
When I get a chance to poke my rig I will have abit more of a look
I had disabled cat PTT and only used GPIO only. Didn't seem to help.

My pi is sitting close to my rig and is quite close to other cables. will move it all apart abit and see if that helps. It's strange it doesn't do it when I use the TUNE button in wsjtx but only after doing a successfully TX. 

I think I will do a $gpio readall command as well next time it get stuck on to see if the pi thinks it's switches off but it is an actually issue with the gpio pin output

All good fun :-)


On Mon, 22 Mar 2021, 01:41 Corky Searls, <af4pm@...> wrote:
Using both cat and GPIO to control PTT is a bad idea as it frequently ends up exactly where you are as the two are not synchronized. Use one or the other, but not both. Using the IC 7000, I prefer to use the GPIO for PTT and only use cat for radio control/configuration (i.e., PTT via CAT is disabled).

-Corky, AF4PM

Thanks and 73,
-Corky, AF4PM
On 3/21/21 2:37 PM, blackbicbiro@... wrote:
Anyone have issue with PTT getting stuck on?

I have an ic-7000 plugged in. I have flrig set to gpio PTT on pin 12 as suggested by the setup guides. I have wsjtx set to flrig and Cat control PTT. When I TX from wsjtx the radio keys and transmits but doesn't stop. The PTT is on permently. The only way to stop it is going back into flrig and turn of gpio ptt and re enable it.

It's really frustrating and struggling to work out what causes it
Could it be RFI?
Is the gpio output isolated? So I need some kind of choke on the 6pin?

Anyone else experienced it.

If not then the hunt to the cause will go on


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