Re: New DRAWS user with some quick questions

Basil Gunn

Hi Jack,
See my (just) suggestions embedded.

Jack Twilley <> writes:

I saw that the DRAWS hat and case were available for sale again and
just bought them.

I'm waiting for the Raspberry Pi 4 and SD card to arrive so while I
wait I wanted to ask a few questions.
Buy a few more SD cards.

I use 16GB more than any thing but 32 GB also OK (other larger sizes
also OK but over kill) Make sure you buy MICRO SD cards.

I've checked the wiki but haven't found all the answers there.
Use the search option on the forum

I *did* find the n7nix GitHub which looks up-to-date and chock full of

I'm using an IC-706MkIIG.
I own that rig so well supported.

I understand from reading the mailing list that GPIO keying is the
right choice when using the supplied cable with the rig's data port.

The rig also has a 13-pin accessory port for which I have a 6-pin
cable adapter which I used to use with a RIGblaster.
I use this from HAM Made Parts:

Am I better off using the known GPIO keying approach or
is there something to be gained by using the other port?
Using GPIO to control PTT has the lowest latency.

If so, how should it be configured? The n7nix document includes a
pinout of the 6-pin port from what appears to be the rig side.
The supplied mDin 6 cable is compatible with the IC-706

I have some experience using FLdigi and wsjt-x so I'm pretty sure I
will be able to hit the ground running there.
Does anyone use these devices for logging contacts? I'm definitely
interested in hearing about anyone's experience with event-specific
loggers like for Field Day or the like.

Thank you again for making and selling something so exciting!


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