Re: New DRAWS user with some quick questions

Roderick Wayne Hart Sr.

Make sure you buy class 10 memory chips.

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Subject: Re: [draws and udrc] New DRAWS user with some quick questions

Hi Jack,
See my (just) suggestions embedded.

Jack Twilley <mathuin@...> writes:

> I saw that the DRAWS hat and case were available for sale again and
> just bought them.
> I'm waiting for the Raspberry Pi 4 and SD card to arrive so while I
> wait I wanted to ask a few questions.

Buy a few more SD cards.

I use 16GB more than any thing but 32 GB also OK (other larger sizes
also OK but over kill) Make sure you buy MICRO SD cards.

> I've checked the wiki but haven't found all the answers there.

Use the search option on the forum

> I *did* find the n7nix GitHub which looks up-to-date and chock full of
> stuff.


> I'm using an IC-706MkIIG.

I own that rig so well supported.

> I understand from reading the mailing list that GPIO keying is the
> right choice when using the supplied cable with the rig's data port.
> The rig also has a 13-pin accessory port for which I have a 6-pin
> cable adapter which I used to use with a RIGblaster.

I use this from HAM Made Parts:

> Am I better off using the known GPIO keying approach or
> is there something to be gained by using the other port?

Using GPIO to control PTT has the lowest latency.

> If so, how should it be configured?  The n7nix document includes a
> pinout of the 6-pin port from what appears to be the rig side.

The supplied mDin 6 cable is compatible with the IC-706

> I have some experience using FLdigi and wsjt-x so I'm pretty sure I
> will be able to hit the ground running there.

> Does anyone use these devices for logging contacts?  I'm definitely
> interested in hearing about anyone's experience with event-specific
> loggers like for Field Day or the like.
> Thank you again for making and selling something so exciting!
> Jack.
> (KC2ELS)

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