Question on DRAWS™ Manager

Jack Spitznagel



I have one of my two DRAWS units running XASTIR concurrently with the “HamClock” software ( Unfortunately, HamClock wants to grab port 8080 too, so I can’t connect to the DRAWS Manager interface. My first choice would be to move the port for the clock utility but I am having a bit of trouble finding anything other than part of the file HamClock.h that assigns the port.


So… Is it possible to move the URL port for the Manager page? If so, could you please point me to the config filename and the appropriate line(s) used to reassign the port. I tried searching places I expected such a file to be, but I am not adept enough with Raspbian to do a deep search.


Thanks in advance!


Jack Spitznagel – KD4IZ

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