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John Spoonhower

what does the hex code returned by mean? I have 5 pis running different tasks from radio control to home automation.
All of them report 0x00. Their cpu temps range from 38 - 68 C. Some are indoors;  some outdoors. The 2 pi 4s have either an aluminum case heatsink
or a fan because the 4 was notorious (IMHO) for thermal problems early on. The 3 Pi 3B+ units just have the cheesy small heatsinks attached to the onboard devices.
The 3 3B+s run continuously in a garage where the summer air temps are routinely over  110 F. Maybe it's luck, but I have not seen performance issues.
The 2 Pi 3B+ units acting as radio interfaces (DRAWS and UDRC-II HATS) are powered via the HAT's regulator from 13.6v. sources. All the rest are powered by Canakit
power supplies (wall warts).
The online forum discussions on this topic of throttling and undervioltage are confusing to me (at best).
John, NX2I

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 11:50 AM Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

> The Pi3B+ I just bought last week is the culprit. It seemed to work OK
> at first blush, but shortly it began to do some of those unpredictable
> things we were chasing.

A friend of mine has had 2 Pi 3B+ go into thermal runaway. The thing we
concluded was that the heat sinks were not installed properly or cheap
heat sinks did not bond properly to the chips and running the RPi hot
for extended periods does some damage to the RPi.

I became a little obsessive about temperature and have a project that
plots RPi CPU temp, ambient temp with a DHT11 (inexpensive 5 for under
$10) and CPU activity. Graph displays in a web page:

Project is here:

> At first temp was not particularly high (40C)
> , but has been climbing way to quickly. DRAWS case with a fan and
> powered by the buck reg on the hat. I did the routine a
> couple more times after a cold start and it had climbed quickly into
> the 57-59C range and was throttling back. So, I pulled out a spare Pi4
> that I had used previously, used the same microSD card, and it came to
> life. Manager started normally and works, and the FT-817 can TX
> normally from either fldigi or Xastir/Direwolf. The pi is in a
> plexiglass layer cake frame that has a fan mounted in between the Pi
> and the hat, maintaining temp at 37C after 30 minutes of uptime.
> Shit like that makes me crazy and I feel bad that I made you waste a
> lot of time puzzling it out with me... I sincerely apologize for that!

Not a waste of time for me. I enjoy working with you Jack

> Now I hope I can talk MicroCenter into giving me a replacement Pi3B+.

Good luck.

> Jack - KD4IZ
> Please pardon the swearing...
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> Jack,
> I believe you are doing everything I am telling you.  draws-manager is
> out of the equation and does not appear to be the problem.  You have a
> unique symptom that appears to change within the first few minutes
> after you boot up.

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