Re: New DRAWS user with some quick questions

Jack Twilley

The parts arrived yesterday.  When I assembled the case, I had two extra case screws — hopefully the other two were extras.  The software setup was straightforward and well-documented which was awesome.

I used the supplied cable into my accessory port cable, and audio comes through fine.  I followed the alsamixer instructions and my PCM is at -12.00 dB gain just before the ALC meter indicates anything.  When I transmit on fldigi, my power meter has five bars (up to the S5 part of the meter) but the rig doesn’t quite sound right and I’m not being heard.  I think the radio works because I just made a few contacts in the WPX contest but I don’t really know.  I’m curious about your rig settings — specifically mic gain and RF power.

Rig control appears to not work at all.  When I try rigctl on /dev/ttyAMA0 it doesn’t immediately fail, but none of the commands work.  Same for wsjtx and fldigi — GPIO PTT works fine but nothing else.  Connecting to the din-6 port on the rig doesn’t help.  Any ideas on why?

Thanks in advance!


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