Re: GPS very slow to pick up sats #gps

Basil Gunn

I can only help you if I can get feed back which is console output from
running my scripts. You haven't been able to do that yet so step back
and figure that part out.

You need to be able to paste console output into an email or
post. Assuming you are running some Windows platform here are a few

- install PuTTY on your Windows workstation and configure it to attach to your RPi.
- run VNC on your Windows workstation and open a console window in VNC.
- Open a browser & console on your RPi and post output using your RPi only.

Learn how to cut & paste console output from the RPi into
posts or email. Most of my scripts should be run as user pi, the script
will let you know if it wants you to be root. Assume commands or scripts
that I ask you to run should be run as user pi.

From re-reading your thread the following is what I know:

- You had gps on a DRAWS card working and now you are not getting the results you expect.
- You have 2 antennas that are the same length, one works, one doesn't

My expectation is that using the good gps antenna you should get a
satellite fix within around 15 minutes IF the software is running and
the hardware is working. 15 minutes is for the first time you get a fix,
after that you should normally get a fix within a couple of minutes/

I need you to execute the following console commands after a fresh
reboot as user pi and copy the console output in an email or
post. stop
gpsd -V
journalctl -u gpsd
cd n7nix/config

If you have an ssh session running or have a VNC connection you can cut
& paste the above commands into a console on your RPi and they will all
execute and give the output I require.

Kk6qms <> writes:

Yes screwed on snugly. Antenna is outside facing the clear southern sky. Thx.

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