Re: GPS very slow to pick up sats #gps

Basil Gunn

Ok that was helpful- just took a look and there are some signals
there- but I am adding a photo of where my GPS antennas are located.
Try pointing the antenna up not out towards the horizon. Will they reach
that shade you have on the back window? Keep the gps antenna away from
the feed line for the other antenna up there.

They have a huge view of the sky
Actually they have a huge view of the horizon not the sky.

and if this is the sort of performance I can expect on a SOTA site or
camping this platform may not work for me.
I use a RPi/draws in a my truck for APRS and the gps device on the DRAWS
board (SkyTraq S1216F8-GL GNSS Module) is a lot better than any USB
devices I've used in the past.

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