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Basil Gunn

JS8call works now ... it was only bad reception.
Good, some success!

But the error when putting presets for ham radio in the terminal
before I start JS8call or WSJTx is already present.
Could you please post the error you are referring to.

Bought my KX3 from a HAM how sold his equipment and the cable from hammadeparts.

rigctld-wsjtx -m 2045 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 38400 -P GPIO -p 12

pi@pi:~ $ ls /dev/ttyUSB*

In the attachment find the result of the syslog. There are some errors
on pulsaudio "ALSA".
Yes I have had a few problems with pulseaudio since end of last year. I
am currently ignoring those errors as I do not use pulseaudio.

To effectively stop pulseaudio:

# get the latest version of my scripts.

cd n7nix/config

# Run the following script to disable pulseaudio

My settings are in the attachment. FLrig, Fldigi, WSJTX and JS8Call are running. Settings on Hamlib, except FLrig is set on K3.

Thanks for your support
73 de Erwin, OE1EKG

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