Re: LinBBS config issue #ax25 #bbs

Basil Gunn


Thanks for the console output especially From that I see
there is no routing for the right hand connector receive signal.

IN1 L:[10 kOhm] R:[Off]
IN2 L:[Off] R:[Off]
You can fix this by running alsamixer, using F6 to select the udrc sound
card, then scrolling right to find 'IN1_R to Right Mixer Positive
Resistor [Off]'. Up arrow to select '10 kOhm', and ESC to exit.

Use script both before & after running alsamixer to confirm
that you set the correct control. Your IN1/IN2 routing left & right
connectors should look like the following:

IN1 L:[10 kOhm] R:[10 kOhm]
IN2 L:[Off] R:[Off]

If you send me the console output of I will write a script
that will set the correct alsa control values for your 2 radios.

Yaesu FMT-300 left connector, Kenwwod TM-733 right connector.

Since I do not have these 2 radios I assume you have alsa controls 'LO
Driver Gain' and 'PCM' set for reasonable FM deviation and I will use
the output of to set up those controls and proper receive
routing for 1200 baud in the new script.

Thanks for the kind words.
/Basil n7nix writes:

First thank you to the NWDR Team and I love this product. It worked as advertised.
The documentation is very helpful and well put together.

I have setup LinBBS (FBB) that was installed by the script in /home/pi/n7nix/bbs/
and I believe I have it configured correctly as it transmits a beacon and has no errors. Although it will not respond
to connection attempts over the radio using both ports on the DRAWS hat. Let me summarize my setup

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