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Since Raspbian has built-in support for VNC, that’s what I and a lot of my ham friends use for headless remote control. You can do either a local network connection over Ethernet using your Pi’s IP address, or you can take advantage of RealVNC’s cloud support feature to reach your Pi over the Internet using its hostname. Both work great. Good luck. 73.


Chris KC9AD




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Subject: Re: [draws and udrc] Create own image for KX3 #applications #database #setup #settings


Hi Basil,

I went a step back from my goals and installed a fresh NWDR image and did step by step the instructions, also keep the "old" kernel. So far as I can say and the programs I can test: FLrig, Fldigi, Wsjt, Js8call and Claws are running. So with this I#m quite happy.
Next I want to install PAT and Headless Pi so I'll report about the results - on the other hand if somebody has hints for this, this would be very wellcome.

73 de Erwin 

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