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Erwin OE1EKG

Hello Basil,

thank you very much for your support ... made the update - but problem is after changing the script to only use the KX3 I commented the other radios so only the KX3 line is active.

declare -A radio_kx3=( [rigname]="KX3" [rignum]=2045 [audioname]=udrc [samplerate]=48000 [baudrate]=38400 [pttctrl]="GPIO=12" [catctrl]="" [rigctrl]="" [alsa_lodriver]="0.0" [alsa_pcm]="0.0" )

Also changed:
# default radio name

But result was not a success seems that the rigctld setting is not correct - in the it is empty as you can see. Is that the problem? If yes - what are the basis of the settings therefore? Sorry for the stupid questions.

pi@draws:~/n7nix/hfprogs $ ./ -a kx3 -f status
Setting radio name to: radio_kx3, rig name: KX3
Force update mode on
Check rigctld-wsjtx unit file, not configured properly
 *** rigctld-wsjtx NOT CONFIGURED.
 == Status for configured rig: 
 == rigctld-wsjtx systemctl unit file check
Service: rigctld-wsjtx, status: 3
Creating systemd service files.
 == unit file update
DEBUG: creating rigctld-wsjtx unit file for radio: KX3
 systemctl daemon-reload
 == rigctld-wsjtx process check
proc rigctld-wsjtx: 1, NOT running
  == audio device udrc check: closed

In Flrig the transceiver control is: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_AH034AU9-if00-port0 but I have no success to put this in the declare part for the radio.

73 de Erwin

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