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Erwin OE1EKG

Hello Basil,

thanks for the update. According to the PAT. I did the script and settings
# change grid square and distance in
cd n7nix/ardop
max_distance=150        # default max distance of ARDOP RMS Gateways
include_history=48     # default number of history hours
grid_square="jn88de"   # default grid square location or origin

./ -d -D 150 -g JN88de -f

looks like the settings are not recognized and result is still (see the difference in the distance number between settings and call of the script):
pi@draws:~/n7nix/ardop $ ./ -d -D 150 -g JN88de -f
Check packages: jq curl
Determine how old current file is, stale criteria: 50 hours
/home/pi/tmp/ardop/ardopprox.json file is: 1 hours 5 minute(s), 13 seconds old
Using distance of 150 miles & grid square JN88DE
Using URL:
Generated new /home/pi/tmp/ardop/ardopprox.json file
Have good request json
Function parse_proximity with input file /home/pi/tmp/ardop/ardopprox.json
                    Center          Dial
 Callsign         Frequency       Frequency  Distance    Baud
 VA7DEP       7088500   7087000 46 600
 VA7PF       3598000   3596500 56 600
When I want to connect to a RMS gateway I got the message:
Missing mycall

PAT config file: .wl2k/config.json
  "mycall": "oe1ekg",
  "secure_login_password": "PASSWORD",
  "auxiliary_addresses": [],
  "locator": "JN88de",
unclear where I have to put the entry to hamlib_rigs:
 "KX3": {"address": "localhost:4532", "network": "tcp"}
there is only this part:
 "listen": [],
  "hamlib_rigs": {KX3},
  "ax25": {
    "port": "wl2k",
    "beacon": {
      "every": 3600,
      "message": "Winlink P2P",
      "destination": "IDENT"
73 de Erwin

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