Re: LinBBS config issue #ax25 #bbs


Just wanted to give an update.  Basil you are the man!  The script you created for me worked great.  I have since left linBBS to use linBPQ.  It was for me considerably easier to configure.  I have a 2m BBS running with DRAWS driving everything on two radios.  I use an FTM-300 on my desk to do my own packet/FM/digital stuff and swapped out the TM-733 with an alinco DR-135T mkiii both of which are being managed/TNC'd by DRAWS using the script Basil created (mentioned above).  The DR-135T is the BBS radio.  I love DRAWS and the only complaint I have is when I finally get an HF radio I will have to buy another one.  Thank you to the NWDR team you guys make a great product and to Basil for all the time you have put into the DRAWS image.

Michael KJ7OOB

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