Re: Icom 706MKIIG Setup #ptt #icom

Basil Gunn

how do I configure WSJT-X, JS8 CALL and FLDIGi to use the script to
key the radio?
Look at this document:


Set serial device (-r) & baud rate (-s) for your setup.
rigctld-wsjtx -m 3011 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 19200 -P GPIO -p 23

JS8Call (You could also use rigctl I think)

-r selects right hand connector & gpio 23

/home/pi/bin/ -r %1


* Configuration->Rig->GPIO
* For right mDin6 connector
* Select BCM 23, check box =1

I wrote the Bash script as shown and named it
I don't see your script the ptt control script I use is here:

You can find it on your RPi here:

~/n7nix/bin/ -h
Usage: [-l][-r][-on][-off][-c][-h]
-l | --left Select left connector gpio
-r | --right Select right connector gpio
-on | on Turn selected gpio ON
-off | off Turn selected gpio OFF
-t | --toggle Toggle PTT state
-c | --check Check gpio state ie. read gpio
-d | --debug Turn debug on
-h display this message

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