Re: GPS setup inconsistent #gpsd #ft-817

John S Gruber

My system doesn't have the kernel pinned since it was already running
a broken kernel version.

Because of the breakage and the fact that's it doing what we need it
to do we have just kept it running without reboot for 173 days. It's
high, has Internet, and is hard for me to access.

Yesterday morning unattended upgrades updated the pi to version
1:1.20210727-1. From both the debian changelog and the name of the
directory it appears to contain linux 5.10.52.
Released kernel version: 5.10.17
Running kernel version: 5.10.11

The release notes used by don't include the 5/27 or 7/27
raspberrypi-kernel packages. (sadly 5/27 was 5.10.17).

Has the 7/27/21 kernel release been tested to be sure Anna's fixes are
on and that everything is working properly?

deb buster main

Package location:

On Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 11:59 AM Basil Gunn <> wrote:

I try to make my own image. I added the following to my
1. I do not support making your own image. A LOT of time went into
making an image that works with the NWDR hats and there is NO compelling
reason for you to make your own image other than it might be fun. By all
means ask questions on the forum because others might be willing to
support you.

2. gpsd configuration is in file: /etc/default/gspd NOT /boot/config.txt

# Configure gpsd
DEVICES="/dev/ttySC0 /dev/pps0"
3. Look at the kernel version on the image you started with.

The last RELEASED Linux kernel that worked with the audio codec that
NWDR DRAWS uses (TI tlv320aic 32x4) is 5.4.83. Kernel version 5.4.79
also works well with that codec. The currently released Raspberry Pi
Foundation kernel, 5.10.17, WILL NOT WORK with this codec. Hence the
hold on kernel updates on the currently released NWDR image.

Anna fixed the kernel problem in Feb 2021 and those patches were
accepted to the main line kernel in March 2021. The currently released
kernel by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, 5.10.17, does NOT have the
following fixes:

* [[ | [PATCH v2 2/2] ASoC: tlv320aic32x4: Register clocks before registering component]]
* [[ | [PATCH v2 1/2] ASoC: tlv320aic32x4: Increase maximum register in regmap]]
* [[ | [PATCH v2] sc16is7xx: Defer probe if device read fails]]

To Summarize:
Kernel versions that work:
5.4.79, 5.4.83, 5.10.31 and above

Kernel versions that DO NOT work:
Any kernel after 5.4.83 and before 5.10.31

Note that Kernel 5.10.31 is not a kernel released by Raspberry Pi
Foundation. If the n7nix repository is installed you can run the script which will display the currently released Raspberry
Pi foundation kernel and the kernel version you are currently running.

Released kernel version: 5.10.17
Running kernel version: 5.4.79

Also run the following command to display your current kernel version:

uname -a
uname -r

Then I rebooted and I got my GPS working. Then I moved my setup to different room and since then the GPS is not working.
pi@w4mhi-shack:~ $ systemctl status gpsd.service
Jul 30 20:12:24 w4mhi-shack gpsd[1576]: gpsd:ERROR: SER: device open of /dev/ttySC0 failed: No such file or directory - retrying
Jul 30 20:12:24 w4mhi-shack gpsd[1576]: gpsd:ERROR: SER: read-only device open of /dev/ttySC0 failed: No such file or directory
Jul 30 20:12:24 w4mhi-shack gpsd[1576]: gpsd:ERROR: initial GPS device /dev/ttySC0 open failed

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