Re: GPS setup inconsistent #gpsd #ft-817

Mihai M.

I totally agrre with you. I am developer and I want to use your HAT in a particular configuration. 
After Basil's reply, everything works like a charm, thank you again! 
I apologize for creating trouble on the forum. 
You guys rock, so much appreciation. 

Mihai (W4MHI) 

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From: Annaliese McDermond <nh6z@...>
Date: 7/31/21 13:58 (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [draws and udrc] GPS setup inconsistent #ft-817 #gpsd

Let me be very clear about this for others that may read this.  We do not recommend the following for anyone at all, and Basil, myself or anyone else associated with NWDR won't be here to help you if you wander off the trail.  This information is given for educational purposes to someone that's already decided to forgo any formal support from us, and what they do with the information is their own thing.  This is likely my last post on the subject, and probably Basil's as well.

The necessary patches were pushed both upstream and to the Pi Foundation's repository in hopes they'd get into the distro sooner.  They didn't upgrade the kernel in the May release, so it didn't make it in there.  One could use rpi-update to upgrade to the latest testing kernel, which should have the patches.  Again, DANGER WILL ROBINSON, THERE BE DRAGONS HERE.  Note all of the RPi Foundation's warnings on the linked page as well.

You have been warned.

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