Re: Anyone have the DRAWS functional on Ubuntu for RPi 20 or 21?

Basil Gunn

The version on buster is 5.11.2 which is ancient.
Not sure what you mean by ancient.

The latest long term kernel version from is 5.10.59 which was
released yesterday.

The current kernel in the Raspberry Pi Foundation repo is 5.10.52. The
Raspberry Pi Foundation uses the Raspbian maintained kernel which does
the best job of supporting the devices on the Raspberry Pi hardware.

If you want a newer (bleeding edge) kernel I recommend you get the
latest kernel source (next branch) from and cross compile and install that

If you need help building the kernel use 'Raspberry Pi Documentation'

I will say again you should cross compile the kernel on a decently fast
machine. Trying to build natively on a Pi takes way too long.

The first step after installing a new kernel is to run 'aplay -l' to confirm
the DRAWS/UDRC device is enumerated.

In terms of support you are mostly on your own.

Mitch Winkle <> writes:

[Edited Message Follows]

I make extensive use of Qt for things such as MQTT and others. The
version on buster is 5.11.2 which is ancient. Ubuntu and Manjaro seem
to have newer versions.

Has anyone had success using the DRAWS card with an RPi3 or 4 and
Ubuntu or Majaro?

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